inch by inch, day by day, moon by moon.

(from monday january 05 2015)
As the home I am sitting in creaks and knocks around with the force of the winter wind, the January sky is Springtime blue. Bright and clear but for a few less than substantial white clouds. Yesterday was a real day of capital W Weather. It snowed for a few hours, then rained for a few hours, then windied about for most of the night. Looking out at the calm sky it is hard to believe the whole country was under warning of sever winter weather just one day ago. God is change.

Walking home in the briskness of it last night I was continually arrested by the magnificence of the moon. How appropriate that a day demanding pause and stillness in the wake of a deluge of icy waves would have as its coda a full and piercingly bright moon in Cancer . I don’t know the last time  I have felt this much movement in my spirit, this much renewal in response to our cosmic shifts. The combo of this new year and this weeks full and water moon is both gently and forcefully reminding me to move with the shifts in my tide. This year feels SO different each day. New learning each day like never before. 

As I often am, I have been inspired by one of my possibility models adrienne maree brown’s blog and her detailing of her creative shifts. In hope of grounding myself more in ritual and reflection, I hope to write slightly more frequent posts. Practicing releasing things into the world as they are, without strenuous perfection and negotiations of worth.

here goes…till next time.